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Solutions - Quest Recovery Manager 

At Quest, our purpose is to solve complex problems with simple solutions. We accomplish this with a philosophy focused on great products, great service and an overall goal of being simple to do business with. Our vision is to deliver technology that eliminates the need to choose between efficiency and effectiveness which means you and your organization can spend less time on IT administration and more time on business innovation.

Quest Recovery Manager For Active Directory

Accelerated Active Directory forest disaster recovery

A disaster or corruption of your Active Directory® (AD) can literally stop your business in its tracks. That’s why it’s crucial that organizations have a disaster recovery plan in place to mitigate the risk of unexpected AD disruptions.

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition helps you automate backups and quickly recover everything — from a single object to an entire forest — in the event of a major disaster or corruption. Recovery Manager also simplifies compliance by creating a virtual lab to test disaster recovery plans and provides detailed reporting on the recovery effort.


Comprehensive recovery

Restore any object in AD, including users, attributes, organizational units (OUs), computers, subnets, sites, configurations and Group Policy Objects (GPOs). This enables you to significantly reduce downtime, and also gets affected users back to work quickly without restarting domain controllers, eliminating downtime and negative impact on network users.

Online granular restore

Restore individual attributes, such as account settings, group memberships and binary attributes, even when the object itself has not been deleted. This enables you to restore only the required attributes without restarting domain controllers.

Virtual test lab

Easily build a separate virtual forest test lab with production data to test disaster scenarios and safely perform testing prior to making changes in the production domain or forest. Automatically generate detailed, time-stamped reports of the recovery process to summarize the before/after state of the organization as well as actions applied to each domain controller.

AD management and health validation

Inspect AD for warning signs of possible issues before they become disasters by checking DC accessibility, replication, trusts and user authentication.

Forest recovery automation

Automate forest recovery steps from a central console by automatically and remotely quarantining infected domain controllers, resetting DSRM passwords, simultaneously restoring/recovering domain controllers, and automating other configuration tasks (setting FSMO roles, raising the RID pool, DNS, etc.) to save significant time and effort on recovery.

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